​Planning a Splendid Holiday to Rome

​Everyone deserves a break every now and then from work, and what better way to spend that break than in a lovely holiday visiting the capital of Italy; Rome!

Not only is Rome’s atmosphere thick with historical importance, reference, and culture, it can also get romantic. If you’re a fan of gorgeous artifacts structures and architecture (particularly the kinds that are 2000 years old) that are strewn around the city, and authentic Italian cuisine such as pizza, pasta, and gelato, then look no further. Rome is the city for you.

Prepare, and Book A Ticket To Rome

Websites that compare online flight prices can help tremendously in picking the ticket headed for Rome that holds the best value. Even if it’s merely a stopover, like airport transfer Rome, it’s still worth passing through, especially if your stop is longer than a couple of hours.

Before buying that pass to Europe, first make sure that you have the financial capability to enjoy Rome without pinching too many pennies. A decent estimate for a mid-range amount of cash that you are likely to spend each day in Rome costs about $144, or 121 euros. Food is likely to set you back around 37 euros, or 44 dollars per day, too.

However, those figures are for people who plan to tour comfortably. Budget rates estimate to be around $57 a day, which amounts to 48 euros. As for the food department, $18 is the average amount spent.

Usual Vs. Unusual Tourist Stops

The places to be in and monuments to see that top the list in activities to do in Rome include visiting the Colosseum, Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum, and Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. Next is to take a tour of Vatican City, making sure to stop at the Sistine Chapel.

Common activities enjoyed by most tourists include watching operas, and having a food tour around different districts of Rome such as one in the Prati District, and a more popular one around Campo di Fiori, Trastevere, and the Jewish Ghetto.

As for something a little less touristy and more enjoyed by the locals, Rome has its quirks that fit into different interests and niches of its inhabitants and visitors. One of them is their Vegan Cat Café called “Romeow Cat Café”, where trendy décor and cool cats meet delicious Italian-roasted coffee.

If you’ve had your fill of ancient art for the day, you can opt instead to see pieces that are more contemporary at the National Museum of the 21st Century Arts, also known as “MAXXI”. Not only is the building a beautiful, modern, and elegant, the pieces you will find inside are daresay just about as stunning as classic pieces that are hundreds of years old.

Take Care of Your Belongings

A trip is indeed splendid it ends well. You may have your itinerary mapped out with everything ruining smoothly, but if you lose your wallet or mobile phone to a thief, it may affect your outlook on the entire trip. Therefore, it pays to be extra careful with your belongings, and stay vigilant for any suspicious-looking persons.

Planning a spending holiday to Rome is splendidly easy, now, isn’t it?!